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Lancaster Pennsylvania and the Amish

We went to Lancaster Pennsylvania to see the Amish countryside.  It was beautiful.  There were
several businesses trying to exploit the Amish to make a buck giving you the "Amish experience."  Of
course, you cannot commercialize the Amish and have it make any sense.
That is a good thing, I think! 

An Amish buggy.

An Amish corn field and barn.


A portly Amish farmer working in his field
with a team of horses.


I believe these are not Amish buggies.  They
are tourist wagons. There are several
businesses where we saw hitching posts in their
parking lots.


Amish children working on the farm.

Beautiful farmland.


A buggy parked in the driveway.


An amish couple driving down the road.


A covered bridge in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

There are a lot of covered bridges in
Lancaster and all that we saw look just like
this one.


A farmer plowing with a team of four horses
and/or mules.

Barefoot girls working in the field.


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