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The National Cherry Blossom Festival
Every year there is a festival held in Washington DC called the National Cherry Blossom Festival. 
This festival commemorates a gift of 3000 cherry trees from Japan.  The event has a website
that explains the history and everything.  Go to
At the festival, there is a parade, a street festival, kite flying on the Mall, rugby, national monuments,
and, of course, cherry trees in bloom.

It was a crowded event, but it was very pleasant.  If you go, do not plan on visiting the monuments
because they will be too crowded.  We spent about 4 hours in DC this day.

Lots of high school bands played.
Mountain Christian Church
From Durham, NC.  They marched and had
cadence calls like the military.  Go figure.
The cherry trees.  Under the trees were lots of
people.  Some playing, some filming, some
sleeping.  It was a little more crowded under
the trees.
If you want to see the cherry blossoms,
you will want to make sure and go to the
Tidal Basin.  They surround it.
Petals on the water.
The Jefferson Memorial.  We were going to
walk over to it, but I told my wife that it was
a bit crowded and that we could come back
another day.  (It is wierd to be able to say that!)
The Jefferson Memorial is across the Tidal Basin.
If you are interested, there are paddle boats so
that you can rent to tour the Tidal Basin.  I'm sure
that the lines were short and the rental was cheap,
just as you would expect in DC during a festival!
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day.
Ducks and Cherry Blossoms.
The crowd under the cherry blossoms.

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