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Christmas Eve Eve With My Family

Every year, my family gets together at my oldest sisters' house for our Annual Christmas Eve Eve
party.  Since I married my Floridian wife, I haven't been able to make these every year.  This year,
we got to be part of what I called a Redneck Christmas Eve Eve.  Every year, we have home made
goodies to eat and we have a White Elephant Gift swap.  At one point, someone introduced some fake
poop to the gift swap.  The next year, the poop reemerged.  Every year, there was the poop.
Someone finally started writing who had it and the date on the box.  After about a decade, more
poop was introduced.  Eventually, there were four poops that were being passed around.
All kinds of oddities started appearing at the gift swap.  I think it was mom who got all four
poops and threw them away.  This is this year's swap.  Please pardon the obscure form of
humor my family enjoys.  We are rather normal people otherwise...  Honest!

The White Elephant Gift Swap is about to

Everyone now seems to bring cameras.  

  My beautiful wife!

My sister (#2) has bought a video camera.

My Niece (#1)

  On the couch are my Sister In Law (#2) and her
daughter, my niece (#3).  In the foreground
is my sister (#1).  Why am I telling you this?

My Dad (#1)

Sister (#2) with her husband.

Sister in law (#2) and niece (#3).

  Nephew (#2)

Mom (#1)

My Brothers (Left to right, #1 & #2).

The first bathroom humor gift went to Brother
in law (#1)
It is a Scratch N' Sniff shirt.


Niece (#2) (Daughter of Brother #1)


Niece (#5)

Nephew (#3)

 Nephew (#4) got a toilet seat.  Bathroom
humor gift, number 2.

Scratch and Sniff and my Brother in law (#1)

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