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The National Christmas Tree and More

Every year, the US Government lights the National Christmas Tree.  I wanted to go to see the lighting
ceremony.  It occurred at 5:00 PM on a work day.  Furthermore, they "sold out" of tickets to the
concert/ceremony.  We decided to just go the night they lit it and see what we could see.
After we viewed the Christmas trees, we walked around the National Mall and took pictures.
I took my digital camera and my tripod.  I took some long exposure night pictures that, I think,
are some of the best pictures I have ever taken.

This is the Ronald Reagan building.
Anyhow, these are some pictures I took to get
acquainted with my camera at night.


Sorry for the lousy picture, but this dude was
playing bagpipes on the sidewalk at 6:30PM.
It was WAY too cold for a kilt.

The National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas Tree

There are 50+ trees surrounding the National
Christmas Tree.  One for each state and territory.

The National Christmas Tree

There were model trains and little towns beneath
the National Christmas Tree.



This is a long exposure of the model train.
It wasn't really going that fast!

This is the White House.  I put my mark on this
to protect my picture.  If you would like to use
the unmodified image, email me.

The White House

Us, in front of the White House.

Without the flash, the fence wasn't so ugly.

We are trying to pose for our picture that we
were planning to send with our Christmas


The Christmas tree for the state of Florida

The Christmas tree ornament for the state
of Florida.  It is a picture of the old capitol
building in front of the new capitol building.  It
was made by an artist in Tallahassee, FL.

  The National Nativity Scene!

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