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Christmas in Florida

This year was our year to travel to Tallahassee, Florida to see my wife's family.   It
was a good trip.  It was great to see everyone again!  At first, it was my wife's parents and
grandmother with us.  Later, her sister, husband and three kids joined us.  Buckle up and
here we go.

  My Father-in-law did the distributing of the
gifts for opening.

  We gave my grandmother-in-law a quilt for

The quilt we gave my wife's grandmother.

My Beautiful Wife!

  Every year, my wife gives me a Dilbert desk
calendar.  Dilbert is funny.


My mother-in-law was given a crystal cross
by her mother-in-law.





A coworker of my wife gave her a berry
scented candle.

Thanks for the jelly beans Aunt M.!


A basket of fancy candies.


Super Train dominoes


I look like some goofy dope in this picture.
Why didn't I delete this??
My wife gave me a vibrator for my neck.
It is real nice.


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