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My wife and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary by traveling to Gettysburg, PA. 
Gettysburg is the site of the bloodiest battle in United States history.  Somehow my wife
and I thought it would be a good place to commemorate our nuptuals.  It was a beautiful
day.  The flowers were in bloom and you could smell them in the air! 

You could buy/rent a tape to listen to on your trip (coordinated by signs bearing numbers,) or you
could ride a bus with a tour guide.  I figured we would do the latter, but there was a third
option!!  You can rent a human to ride in your car and give you the tour.  It costs $40.00
to have the guide ride with you.  Bus tickets were $22.00 per person.  So, we went with
the guide.  Our guide's name was Howie. He gave us the tour and even pointed out his house
for us.  He was very professional.  It was in no way creepy or inappropriate. 
After seeing Gettysburg, we spent the night and ate at The Cozy Inn in Thurmont, MD. 

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Monuments are all over the place in Gettysburg. 
They mark where the most fierce fighting
occurred for the different regiments involved
in the three day conflict.

This spire is on a building on Seminary Hill. 
This can be seen in the movie "Gettysburg."

Can't you hear my wife saying, "Don't lock
your knees."

The monument for Florida.

The monument for South Carolina.
Originally, there were only memorials placed
by northern regiments.  Eventually, feelings
softened and southern regiments were allowed
to place their memorials.  By then, the veterans
of Gettysburg were old and financially restricted. 
The southern states paid to place memorials
to their troops who fell at Gettysburg.

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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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