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Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Harpers Ferry, WV is a beautiful town that has been turned into a National Park.  It is
most famous for John Brown's attempt to end slavery by taking the weapons from an
army depot in the town and to distribute these weapons to slaves who could then
acquire freedom.  John Brown failed.  I think it was because he got a group of militia to help
him take on a very well armed group of trained military.  But, doggone-it Jim, I am a
mathematician, not a historian. John Brown's failure is believed to have been a key event that
lead to the Civil War and the eventual end of slavery.  So, Brown's strategy failed, but his
primary goal was achieved. 

First, you have to go to the Harpers Ferry
Visitors' Center.  It is the only place to

Then you ride a shuttle bus to the town.  It's free.

Here are some pictures from inside of the
souvenir shop.




John Brown is the guy in the top left picture.


A picture of the Flood Of September 1996


I was so pleased with this picture of Saint Peter's
Roman Catholic Church that I decided
to mark it.  If you would like to use this image,
it must be done by my written permission.

  Here is where the shuttle buses drop off



The streets are cobblestone.  The buildings
are the original structures of the town.

Another picture of Saint Peter's Roman
Catholic Church.



My lovely wife.


This is the inside of one of the buildings.
They had exhibits such as this in the various
buildings.  This particular one shows tools of
the Civil War era.


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