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MaizeFest Corn Maze At River Valley Ranch

We and four friends went to the MaizeFest at River Valley Ranch and went through
the corn maze.  River Valley Ranch is a Christian summer camp.  Every year they
have MaizeFest which appears to be a celebration of corn.  Even if you don't
regularly celebrate corn, you may find pleasure in the corn maze, corn launching,
funnel cakes, corn play area, pony rides, hay rides, and beautiful views.

This is an old police car in the McDonalds
parking lot.



At the MaizeFest, there was a corn play
area.  The kid is in a box of corn, just like a
sand box.

People about to take a hay ride.

Pumpkins for sale.

We went to the MaizeFest with two couples.
These two are the newlyweds.

These two aren't.

These two are us.

Pony and horse rides at the MaizeFest

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