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Episode III
Revenge of the Sith

My wife and I went to the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
We went to the midnight showing because we wanted to see the people in costume and the reactions
to the movie.  We got there 1.5 hours early and everyone was already inside.  So we did not
get to see the outdoor festivities.  My best friend went to the midnight showing of Episode I,
and he said there was a pick up truck full of hecklers that drove by shouting taunts.  They even
had a banner saying "Star Wars Stinks."  We did not see anything like that.  Several people dressed
up and there was some cheering during the movie, like when the LucasArts logo
appeared on the screen.  Here are a lot of the people who did dress up.

Oh, by the way, the movie was super!  I definitely recommend it.  If you didn't see
it while it is still in the theatres, then you missed out!

You cannot see it in the picture, but his light
saber was illuminated.

These two Jedi knights had to put out their
cigarrettes so they could pose for my picture.

This light saber was awesome!  It would
light up starting at the handle and out to
the end, just like the "real thing." 
And of course, it had sound effects. 

In the distance, you can see a sign above a theatre
entrance.  Everywhere you looked, these signs
all said "Star Wars 12:01." 

The rest of these pictures were taken after the
movie was over.  At this point, it was about

Some people did not wear very much of a
costume.  Some other people, I was ashamed
to take their picture because it was hard to
tell if they were wearing a costume or if that
was just how they dressed!!

There were a lot of good Star Wars T-shirts. 
One girl in the concessions line was wearing what
looked like a vintage Episode IV (the first movie)
The cool thing about this picture is the people in
the background.  This mother stayed out until
3AM so that her son could watch the movie when
it came out.  Way to go, cool mom! 

I asked this guy, "Can I get a picture of your
shirt?" And after I took it and started to walk
away, his friend said in a pitiful voice, "He
didn't want to get a picture of my shirt." 
I'm sure his shirt was a hansome garment, but
it had no message on it, Star Wars or otherwise. 


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