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Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
and Sideling Hill

My wife's parents came to town.  We traveled to Western Maryland to ride the Western Maryland
Scenic Railroad.  On the way, we passed Sideling Hill.  The train ride was great.  Sideling Hill looks
like some kind of violent crime was committed against the planet.  The train traveled from
Cumberland, MD to Frostburg, MD.

This was at a restaurant on our way.

Sideling Hill Exhibit Center

Sideling Hill is where they carved an opening
in the mountain for the interstate highway.





This is the train station for the Western
Maryland Scenic Railroad.

Our Conductor.  He had a train tie.



Our train car was very comfortable.

My ticket.

Our steam engine.

The In-Laws.


My wife started needing a snack and the
snack car was in the back of the train.
On my way, I found an open car and I took
these pictures. 



I thought this was great to get a picture of.  Then,
the train approached the tunnel.  Everything
started getting dark and I thought, "I'll stay here
until we exit the tunnel.  The area where I stood
started to fill with smoke.  I felt a little panicky.
I calmly entered the car beside me and pulled the
door closed.  It slammed loudly.  The only light
in the room was from numerous digital cameras.
When we exited the tunnel and the light came back
on, an older woman said, "Don't you EVER slam a
door in a dark train like that!

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