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Christmas Tree Hunt

We went to the Pine Valley Farms to find and cut down our Christmas tree.  This is the second year
that we went to Pine Valley Farms.  It's real nice.  They are located in Carroll County near Howard
County, Maryland.  I recommend finding your tree at a tree farm.  Pack up the family and make it
an adventure!

Pine Valley Farms is located in Carroll County,

All of the darker green that you see in this
picture is from the many Christmas Trees!  They
have perhaps 40 "orchards" of trees.

This picture, the one before it and the one
following it are supposed to be a panoramic

Here you see what I assume is the family farm.


When you enter, they give you a map and you
can borrow a saw ($20 fully refundable deposit.)
I know, all deposits are refundable by definition,
right?  Well in Mary-Land, we have seen non-
refundable deposits on apartments... so I guess
I must clarify!!


Carrying their tree to the car.

There is a barn that has wreaths, some
ornaments, and some refreshments.

Hot Dogs, Hot Cider, Hot Chocolate, Soda,
Chips, Coffee...


People walking through a forest of Douglas
Fir trees.

Here you can see how large each orchard
of trees actually is.


My wife with a Charlie Brown Christmas

We wanted a long needled White Pine for
out house.

My wife and I had a campaign to get a great
picture of us that we could put in our Christmas
cards.  Whenever you see her by herself
in a pretty scene, I am probably seeing if
it is Christmas card worthy.

  Here are some of our attempts.



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