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Decorating My Best Friend's Car

One of my best friends from high school ("M") got married.  There are three of us.  When I married,
they decorated my car with Oreos.  They took Oreos and separated them and stuck both halves
to our white car.  It was great.  When the second guy ("C") got married, we took 500 marshmallow "peeps"
and stuck them on his car.  It was kind of cold that Easter, so they didn't stick that well.  Almost two
years ago, I got an idea.  Whenever my friend got married, I would decorate his car like a racecar!
I figured it would cost me one or two hundred dollars.  I called a friend who does vinyl and who
had the magnetic sheeting.  I found a race car driver who could give me the decals.  I also created
some inside-humor sponsors.  Here is the result of all of the work!!!


My best friend's car decorated after his
wedding.  This is the day after the wedding.

Quantum Leap Fishing Poles
This was a sponsor from a "show" that M and C
recorded.  It was a sort of a fishing show.  The
characters were ignorant and uncivilized.
Perhaps, not unlike our real lives!

7 is not for a particular racecar driver.  It is an
inside thing too.

T-3000 was a super intelligent fish finder in
the show.  Basically, it was one of the characters
in the show.





On top of the car, I have their names over
their doors.

A major sponsor of this racecar was


Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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