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The National Zoo In Washington, DC

In Washington, DC, the United States Government provides a Zoo to its people. 
The National Zoo is free to the public.  The day we went to the zoo was the day they were
going to have their Halloween event, "Boo in the Zoo."  If you choose to go to the
National Zoo, bring comfortable shoes and, even though it is shady, wear sunscreen.

A large lion statue in front of the zoo.  Notice
the "Don't Walk" sign in the picture.  It has
a timer under the image of a hand.  In DC, when
it is time to Walk, the timer tells you how long
until the next light change.  It is very nice.

This large concrete ZOO sign is in front of the
National Zoo.  This picture is so bad, I
almost deleted it.  I just had to include it
thought, so you could have the zoo experience!
(I AM a freak, aren't I?)

The National Zoo recently succeeded in the
live birth of a baby panda.  They are milking
it like there is no tomorrow!  People are so
in to the panda craze, the zoo has to distribute
(free) tickets to see the baby panda.  I expect this
is bringing in a lot of donations to the zoo.

At the release of this page, the National Zoo
has webcams of the panda(s) on the Internet
for you to enjoy.  Here you see mother, Mei
Xiang, and cub, Tai Shan.

These were on several large screens in the
welcome center.


A cheetah

The cheetah lair.

It was a little chilly the day we went to the
National Zoo, so the big cats seemed to stay
in their caves.

When we were looking at the animals, I thought,
"I will want to put the animal names with their
pictures on the web site."  I decided to take
pictures of the signs and then I would take those
names from the pictures and not include the
signs on the web site.  Well, that would have
taken a long time.  Instead, I include the signs
and type the names so a search engine can lead
people to here, if they are interested.

Some of these sign pictures can be read when
the large size version is viewed.  Enjoy.

 Scimitar-horned Oryx
(Oryx dammah)

Scimitar-horned Oryx

 Scimitar-horned Oryx


Maned Wolf

Maned Wolves

Maned Wolves

The wolf pee smelled like skunk pee, but not
so strong.  Not nearly as offensive to smell,
yet hardly enjoyable.


(Dromaius novaehollandise)


Western Grey Kangaroo
(Macropus fuliginosus)

Western Grey Kangaroo
This guy is getting old and slow.  The National
Zoo came under fire recently for the condition
of their animals (and the amount of deaths that
have occurred.)   Their defense was that it was
not their policy to get rid of old animals when
they are not as exciting to watch.  Instead, they
care for the animals no matter the age.  Therefore,
the National Zoo experiences more aged, ill, and
dying animals.  It is not happening because of

Asian Elephant
(Elephas Maximus)
(There are more elephant pictures on
other pages)

Giant Panda
This was taken just after he was scratching
his back against a tree.  That was a funny

Giant Panda

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