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The Baltimore, MD Billy Graham Crusade

Billy and Franklin Graham came to Baltimore, Maryland to speak in Camden Yards, the home
of the Baltimore Orioles.  It was a special opportunity to hear Billy Graham speak.  He is aging
and will not do many (or perhaps, any) more crusades.  He is a man called of God to spread the
, so I don't expect Billy to stop preaching.  He will just stop taking such big trips to do so.
It is a rare thing for a man called to preach to stop preaching.  If he stops, it is normally because
God calls him to stop or God calls him Home.

Camden Yards, the home of the Baltimore
Orioles is near the Inner Harbor of Baltimore,

There was a section near first base where
there was an interpreter for the hearing

The Newsboys played a few songs before
the main part of the service.


Here are a couple Christian biker types.  After
I took this picture, I realized I knew who this
guy was.  He is the music minister at a church
that we visited when we first moved to


Some Christians will raise their hands as an act
of worship.  I suppose it could be compared
to raising your hands in excitement during
a football game.

However, the hand raising isn't frequently
accompanied by yelling and jumping.  (In
some circles it is.)  Often, it is similar to
how some might close their eyes during
a classical concert to absorb the moment.

Some might say they feel the Holy Spirit leading
them to make a physical action.  Definitely
raising hands is frequently accompanied with

Raising your hands does not mean you are
more spiritual than someone who doesn't.  In
fact, it doesn't mean anything.  I would say it
is an expression.  It could be faked, but
I doubt most who do this are faking it.






This golf cart is bringing George Beverly Shea
and Cliff Barrows to the stage.  These gentlemen
are staples of the Billy Graham crusade's history.

Billy Graham is being driven to the stage in
this golf cart.

Billy was given a lot of help as he entered the
stage.  He had a walker and sun glasses.  He
must be rather feeble these days.

After the Grahams were on the stage, they set
up a special pulpit.  I believe it is air conditioned
and has a special chair.

Here, Franklin is at the pulpit.

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