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Washington DC Memorial Day Parade

For Memorial Day, we went to Washington DC in 2006 to see the Memorial Day parade.  DC has
the ability to pull out more "glitz" for a parade like this.  There were all kinds of military representation.
Veterans, soldiers, vehicles, historical figures, nuclear weapons, etc.  I'm kidding about the weapons.
It was the Russians who did that!

There were boy scouts handing out these flags.
Actual veterans signed the cards and added
personal messages.

The National Memorial Day Parade

The horse of a fallen officer will have the boots
of the former rider inserted into the stirrups

Gary Sinise was the martial of the parade.
You know, because he was Lt. Dan.

Gary Sinise

The beautiful American flag being carried by
what I believe is a troop of ROTC soldiers.

These days, what is more American than
fire departments.  These are probably the same
firemen who responded when the Pentagon
was attacked.

Truck Company 4, Washington, D.C.


Ohio State student carrying old glory.

A saber carrying soldier on horseback.
I believe he is with the group from Valley Forge
Military Academy.

There were some Native Americans in the
parade in honor of the sacrifices made by
the Indian soldiers who fought and died for our


It was great to see that George and Martha
Washington were able to come out for the

Just a girl on the street at the parade.

Men representing the soldiers from the
War of 1812.  This was the war we had with
England when Francis Scott Key wrote
the lyrics to the National Anthem,
"The Star Spangled Banner."


He was with the Sons of Confederate Veterans,
Military Order of Stars and Bars,
of Alexandria, Virginia

The city of Sheridan, Wyoming
The #1 western town in America
Proudly presents:
The American Legion
7th Cavalry Drum & Bugle Corps.
Carried by: Buffalo Bill Cody

One of the drummers

A couple Amish people at the parade.  They
might be Mennonite.

The American Legion
District of Columbia Department



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