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England - Part 3 - Along The Coast

In a town we visited, on one of the cliffs, there is a place called Compass Point.  These pictures
are from the walk up to Compass Point.

Covered walkway leading to the top of the cliffs.

The Atlantic Ocean

The rocky beach at the Atlantic Ocean

You can see how rocky the beach is.
Consequently, there have been many shipwrecks
in this area. The most famous shipwreck was
the wreck of the Bencoolen.

Compass Point

Cliffs at the coast

Picture from inside the compass.
Picture from inside the compass.

Cliffs on the coast

Around the top of the compass are the
cardinal directions. A flag pole is also up here.
The ships waiting to sail up the canal had to
wait at sea until the town raised the flag on
Compass Point signaling that the surf was safe.

An English village from atop the coastal cliffs

These cliffs were used by American troops 
while they were in training here. They practiced
repelling and climbing the cliffs to prepare
themselves for the D-Day invasion.

The rocky beach

This interesting and pretty flowering plant grows
as easily as a weed in England.  The colorful
flowers hang down.  They can be found blooming
for a large part of the year.


The Anglican parish church

The Anglican parish church

The Anglican parish church

The Anglican parish church

Smooth stone walkway leading to the
open doors.

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