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During our trip down Skyline Drive and the Shenandoah Valley, we went to Monticello.
Monticello is the home of the 3rd President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson.


"Mulberry Row
This 1,000-foot-long road was the center of the
plantation activity at Monticello from the 1770s
until Jefferson's death in 1826.  It once was
lined with the dependencies necessary to support
 the main house and a 5,000-acre plantation
 with as many as 150 residents.  In 1796 there
 were seventeen structures on Mulberry Row,
 including dwellings for white and black
 workmen, wood and ironworking shops, a
 smokehouse-dairy, a wash house, storehouse,
 and a stable."

This is the front of Monticello.  Jefferson was a
big weather watcher, so he had a weathervane
placed on top of the house.  On the ceiling of the
porch, there is a dark circle.  That is where the
weathervane's pointer is to tell you the direction
of the wind.  That way, you didn't need to
go into the yard to look at the weathervane
to get the wind direction..


Thomas Jefferson was also a big horticulturist.




Monticello, as seen on a nickel.
(This view is from the back.)









Thomas Jefferson's grave

"This graveyard plot is the private property of
Thomas Jefferson's descendants.

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