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Autumn At Our House

She says: One day, the baby and I went outside and it was a
beautiful day. I went back inside and grabbed the camera. There really is
no way to capture the colors.
He says: My words are in bold.


Our hickory tree

The trees from our back deck

The reds and golds were magnificent!

Looking up in the middle of our woods

The back of our house from the woods

The woods from our deck

We planted a maple tree our first month
at the house. I thought it would be neat
to show the size of the tree with how
young my son is.

I hope to take a picture
every year on his birthday to show how
they both change and grow.


Playing with grass for the first time



I loved the gold color of our hickory tree!

The reds of the maple

I have wanted to own some trees for so
long.  It is very nice to have some woods
behind my house!

The sky was so blue against the fall colors.

It's GREAT to have a yard to play in!!!

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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