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Christmas In Florida

She says: FINALLY! After 2 years we were able to travel to Florida to see
my family. A 9 hour drive sure is better than 2 days. The baby was able to meet his Aunt
and Uncle and his 5 cousins for the first time. He also got to spend some time with his
95 year old Great Grandmother! Before we left, we took a picture of the 4 generations.
He says: My words are in bold. 

  The beanie hat didn't last long, but it was
cute while it lasted.

  He didn't really "get" presents, but everything
received a good chewing.

  He especially liked the ribbons.

My wife gave me a Yankees cap, but I
didn't wear it much that day.




  Proud Grandmamma

  Granddaddy and Great grandmother

  Playing ball with his oldest cousin



Before Christmas day, he was not very
good at catching the ball.  Then all of the
sudden, he could grab it without knocking
it away.



  His Uncle

  I found this great "Baby's First Christmas"
outfit. It was a little too short.

He is cupping his tongue and making
"lalala" sounds.  He inherited my tongue
dexterity.  I can make shapes and do the
wave, etc.  One more important nugget to
ensure he is a nerd!  Wahoo!!

  Knocking down towers...

  ...and then chewing on the blocks.


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