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Our Baby's Fourth and Fifth Months

November 2, 2007
Well, we've been busy...  In the last month, I took a new job, bought a house, and moved
my family.  That included a struggle with our apartment lease holder, a resignation, and a lot of
other business.  While all of that was going on, my wife was taking pictures of our rapidly
aging child.  Get ready for baby overload!





Self Portrait

When my wife is home with the baby and she
needs to get something done, she will put
him in his chair and let him look out the sliding
glass door.

When he is in a chair looking out the window,
we say he is being an old man.

There is a significant number of women who
get major kicks out of seeing rolls of fat
on babies.  Ladies, this is for you!

Old man baby.




Suck a duck

We took a trip to see family on Labor Day
Here is a series of our baby being held by
family and friends.





We joked while my friend and his family came
over to see us that we were arranging this


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