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A Visit From Grandma

My mother and sister flew up to meet our new baby boy.  These are their story.

(My wife made me fix this.)  "These are their story" should be interpreted to
mean, "These pictures, when viewed together, comprise a narrative which is the story
of my mother and my sister visiting and meeting our new baby boy."
                                                          -smart alec

This is the moment that they first saw the little



Grandma's first opportunity to hold him.




My sister's first hold.


They were like the paparazzi, snapping pictures
of everything.  Starting here, these are pictures
from my sister's camera.


This weekend, he learned how to smile!  It was









While they were here, my wife's amaryllis
bloomed.  This was the first time it had bloomed
in about four years.

My In-laws came up right after the baby's birth.
My father-in-law repotted my wife's plants.
 That was what the plant needed, I guess.


I was being silly, please don't send me hate mail.



I was giving him a bath and a large audience

How can you resist this little guy?

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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