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It's A Boy!

We are overjoyed to be the new parents of a healthy, beautiful baby boy.  Our baby is 4 days old as
I write this.  He is healthy and perfect.  He had an APGAR score of 9 on both tests.  Because of
my wife's fibroids, the doctor could not estimate his weight and size before birth.  After 26 hours of
labor (including being induced,) we opted for a cesarean section.  When the doctor announced
that "the baby is out" in the O.R. she immediately added, "A big baby!"  Our baby was
weighed to be 10 pounds and 9 ounces in the O.R.  Later, his official weight was said to be
10 pounds, 8.8 ounces (but he pooped before that weigh in.)  He was 21 and 3/4 inches at birth.
We have a video of which we had prepared 90% before the due date which contained pictures
of us during the pregnancy up to the birth.  In that video, you can hear the doctor say those lines and
hear our little baby's first cry ever!  All I had to do was drop a few pictures onto the end, and insert
the audio from the O.R. and the video could be released.  People watched it and started complaining
that there wasn't enough baby in it.  Well for those complainers, I now offer you this set of pictures.
Let it be known that the Lord has blessed us more that we asked or imagined!
May 11, 2007

In the early stages of labor, the human female
does not despise her husband, life, or anything.

The water broke Sunday afternoon and we
went to the hospital.  Soon afterward the
contractions started.

As time went by the contractions became
stronger.  Since we were not dilating as quickly
as desired, the doctor decided to start Pitocin
to induce labor to advance.  The contractions
became stronger.  They occasionally
would increase the dosage of
Pitocin in my wife's IV drip.

  Eventually, the
contractions became very strong and my
wife requested an epidural.  The epidural
stopped the pain of the contractions
but as they grew stronger, the pressure became

After 26 hours, the contractions
were becoming unbearable and were arriving at
1.5 - 2 minute intervals.  For a full day, all my
wife was allowed to eat was Jell-O, clear
liquids, and suckers.

At 26 hours, the doctor checked and found
my wife to only be 5cm dilated.  That was when
she suggested a caesarian section.  I was
suited up and my wife was carted off to surgery.
I was allowed into the O.R. after she was
already opened, and mostly sedated.

The doctor said, "Uterine incision."
Later the doctor said, "The baby's out."
I looked and saw a large whitish purple walrus.
Here he is just seconds old.  His hands still
have the white waxy stuff on them.

Our new baby with the doctor.  

Mom and child minutes after birth.

Mom and child.

We had a little boy and a little girl outfit
ready because we didn't know what we were
going to have.

It's a boy!

Some close-ups

Wrinkly hand  


Little fingers.  He has his mother's finger nails.

It's a boy!

It's a boy!

Mother and child

Mother and child

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