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Pictures From Our Nursery

With our little one on the way, we have worked to prepare a nursery for him or her.  Here
it is.  Now we only need a happy baby who sleeps through the night to move into it!!

The nursery used to be the guestroom.
Now the room is sort of a hybrid

The mobile is from my wife's classroom.

A friend of ours made this pillow and curtains
for us.

If you look closely, you will see little crayons
on the loops at the curtain rods.

We suffer from a lack of space.  So it is a bit
crowded in here!

Our crib.  The quilt on the wall was a gift from
my wife's Ladies Bible Study group.

This is our other crib.  It looks remarkably like
the other one, doesn't it?

Our little baby library.

Our closet doors.  These are an excellent
addition to any nursery.  Without these, you
see the boxes stacked to the ceiling!

Those are soft blocks and a singing
giraffe on the right.  A laundry basket is on
the floor.  One might ask, "Why are there
clothes in the laundry basket when the
baby hasn't arrived yet?"

This is my collection of state quarters.  I am
trying to accumulate a few sets in case we have
several kids running around our house.  They
will probably spend them.

In the living room now:  Here is the toy basket
and our car seat/baby carrier.  We went to the
fire department a week before this picture
was taken and had them install our car seat into
our car.  I recommend this, but you will need to
make an appointment.  Our fire department
offers this service once a month.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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