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Our Baby's Seventh Month

She says: The baby is growing up so fast! He's learning how to be around
other kids. He's also watching everything. He loves his books, which makes me
VERY happy! He especially likes his numbers books...which makes my husband
very happy!!!
He says: My words are in bold.


Our friends' daughter is 5 weeks younger
than our son. We were attempting to get a
picture of them together.

He looks a little worried.
Perhaps this is a little of the "Girls have
germs" philosophy being demonstrated.


He's learned to pull out his arms, now if he
can just jump a little.


He decided to be quite the contortionist
in his high chair one day.

I could do this, but then I would need
traction afterward.


The motivation to chew on socks can be
quite strong.

Practicing a wrestling move.

Oh No!

Note to the new parent or parents-to-be:
Frequently using your baby's nail clippers
can save you significant suffering.


His standing skills are becoming
better and better.
(Please ignore my fashion disaster of brown
shoes and black socks. I had grabbed the
first shoes I found in the closet.)


His eating skills are messy!
It is pretty funny trying to clean him up
after a feeding and trying to figure out how
squash made its way onto his eye lashes.

This is a coke bottle with some water in it.
Science for infants!
(Please pardon my fashion sense of wearing
my T-shirt as outerwear!!)

He loves to shake it and watch the
water. I made another one and put
some soap in it. It makes bubbles when
it is shaken.

Reading his number book

"Three blue hippos all in a row!"

Brushing his two bottom teeth for the
first time.

His aunt, who is a hygienist, would be proud!

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