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Thanksgiving At Our House

She says: We invited the entire family to our house for Thanksgiving. I was so excited
to be a hostess. I enjoy doing these types of things. It was great to have a room large
enough for the whole family. We all ate in the garage because the kitchen
table and counters were covered with delicious food. After we ate, we all hung out
and let the food settle. You can't tell by the pictures, but we had to buy furniture so
everyone had a place to sit. We ended up buying 2 couches the weekend before. One of the
couches broke while the family was using it, so we got our money back for that one.
We also ordered a chair and ottoman, but it has not arrived yet.
He says: My words are in bold.


Getting ready to pray before eating.

We set up several tables in the garage
so everyone could eat in the same room.



After eating, some of us went into our
bedroom to play Dance Dance Revolution.

Others chatted...

  ...and ate.

Others threw a football.


The brothers played horseshoes.




It is hard to look tough when you know
your whole body is going to hurt tomorrow!


So sleepy!!

But I'm cute!

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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