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Our Baby's Third Month

My wife is starting to become concerned.  She takes a lot of the pictures that make it onto the web.
So she's not in very many of the pictures.  I want all of you to know that she is a good and loving
mother who probably does over half of the work of raising and educating our child.
I'm just some dope who, unlike her, doesn't think it is a problem for a picture of me in my pajamas
to be posted on the Internet for the world and some robotic aliens to see.

Since our boy doesn't seem to like tummy time,
I invented flying tummy time.  He seems to
tolerate it much better!


Every man doesn't want pictures of him in some
stupid, cute hat to appear.  Sorry son.

This month, his ability to hold up his head
was good enough for us to take him on walks
in our BabyBjorn.

I noticed that all of the decorations and toys
in the house didn't have lines and patterns.  I
thought that he might need some pinstripes or
regular shapes.  My wife created some shape
flashcards and hung them on the mirror.  He
reaches for them and bends them.

I suppose if he was raised by wolves in the
forest, like I was, he wouldn't have patterns
to look at, so maybe he would have ended
up as "normal" as I am.  He stares at this quilt
when he wakes up in the morning.  You can
buy this quilt at Pottery Barn.

His personality has started to lean toward
smiling and playing this month.

Here, he is interacting with the baby in the
mirror.  This month, he started rolling onto his
side.  He has rolled completely over twice
on his floor mat, and once overnight.  That's

Above the bed in the nursery, there is a mobile
of butterflies.  He loves to watch them. 

He especially loves to watch them move
when the air conditioning turns on.

This month, he has started to grab things
and hold them.  He will grab a toy when it is
placed on his stomach, and he will try to cram
it into his mouth.

Here, he is cramming a bear into his mouth
and watching butterflies.

These are butterflies.

This is a shelf load of sundry toys.

I still read books to him.  The same books.
He doesn't care.

Here, the mother human cuddles her young.
Ain't she cute!?

This was the first time he "got" tummy time.
I rolled him onto his tummy on the bed, and he
lifted his head right up and started looking
around and up at the butterflies.

These simple little milestones make my wife so
excited.  Then she gets sad because he is
growing up.  It's a total see-saw.

After a feeding, he will occasionally fall asleep
with his little bottom lip pooched out.  This
is not a great picture of it, but my wife says
that he looks like my side of the family when
he does this.

This month, his back grew stronger.  He now
can sit in his Bumbo chair.  He's a big boy!

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