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Our House Walkthrough

We found some houses that we liked via the MLS pages.  Our realtor and my family members
visited the houses and gave us reports on their opinions.  We decided to buy one of the houses.
People told us that they would NEVER buy a house sight unseen.  Well, we did.  We have lived
in apartments for so long just about anything would have been an improvement!  But, we trusted our
family and we did our homework as well.  This house kept on being more than we asked for or
imagined.  This set of pictures is from our first walkthrough of our new home.

About a third of my family showed up for the
walkthrough.  This has been a big event for
all of them, I think.

Please pardon the lighting and focusing
in some of these pictures.  These were fleeting
moments that didn't offer much preparation.

My wife's first view of her dining room...

...and refrigerator...

...and living room...


This is our laundry room.


The master bathroom.

From our back deck.

I ruined this great picture by not smiling
at the right time.  Sorry.

The guest bathroom  


Grandma in the kitchen


The first kiss.

Our front yard!


Now we need to name our house.

Later it rained.  We sat on our own porch
to watch the rain come down.  It was

Home sweet home

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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