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A Boy at Play

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
Just a bunch of pictures from August and September that are cute and give you
a glimpse into our lives. 
We went on a trip back to Maryland to see our friends this month.

  See the walls? We took out a closet.
This closet was a long series of rare
Saturdays when we did not have plans.
We lived in the guestroom for a long time.

  This was our boy's play area while the
living room was being painted.


  Trying out the new tricycle.


He cannot quite reach the peddles yet.






Artsy dad.



It is so cute, he just sits and crosses
his legs while he eats.  This is very common.



Sometimes he will prop up his feet, but
crossed is the normal position.

It was such a change when he started to
feed himself.  This was the first thing he
could really do for himself.


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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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