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Our Baby's Eleventh Month

She says: Not going to spend much time talking here...enjoy the pictures!
He says: My words are in bold.

 Eating Cheerios is a favorite thing.


  He LOVES music. (This makes his momma
proud!) He likes to watch the light flash
and will dance to the beat.

  Most of the time he's on beat!
He will dance to anything with a rhythm,
(ceiling fans, barking dogs, etc.)

  Cute, short, little legs!

  Easter egg hunt at Grandma's
Grandma is hunting with the "kids."  The
grandkids in my family have almost all
grown up.  We realized that our boy is going
to be all alone in the family... until great-
grandkids come along.

 The adults stand around and watch.
Our boy was napping.

  Most of the plastic eggs have money or candy
 in them.

  Evidently the kids thought that one
egg had a $20 bill in it.

  They hunted and hunted for that egg.
Strange that no one found it.

  He is pulling up very well and is
starting to cruise.


  First trip to the local Zoo.

  The giraffes were SO close!

  Our friends who went with us.




  He thought the giraffes were funny looking.


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