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Our Boy's First Birthday

She says: We had to celebrate our boy's first birthday throughout the entire week.
Daddy had to go out-of-town, so we had our family celebration on the
Monday before he left. Then we celebrated with extended family and friends
on Saturday. What fun!
He says: I hated leaving during his birthday (and our anniversary) for work.  But,
we celebrated the occasions on different days and it worked out all right.

  We went to the local park to eat dinner
and then play together.

 Can you believe I'm 1? 



  He found daddy's sunglasses and put them
right on his own face.







  After eating, we blew bubbles.
Daddy's gift to his boy.

I think this picture looks like we are
being attacked by the bubbles.


  LOTS of bubbles!

It's hard to blow bubbles with a large child
in your arms!


  Then we went to the playground.


  Head first! (Not really.)

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