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Maryland Friends Visit

She says: In April, we were privileged to have some of our friends from Maryland visit us.  If you
remember from one of our previous web pages, one of the families actually moved from MD to GA.
It was great to see them!!  The kids have grown up SO much!!
He says: My words are in bold.

  Our boy is walking better now and loves to
push his wagon.


  Sitting on our front porch.



They were pooped!

  The wagon was great fun for all of the kids.
I, however, found it somewhat fun, but
definitely tiring!

 Our boy walking with his car. It didn't
work so well on the grass.


The wagon got heavier and heavier...



  My tulip garden

  Playing and hanging out before dinner

  Who ARE these people?

  Isn't he cute?



  We grilled and ate on our back deck. It was
very pleasant.

I grew my beard out to see just how gray
it had become.  It was a week's worth of
growth when these pictures were taken.


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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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