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Sprinkler Fun and Stuff

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
As you can tell from the blue tape on the walls, we were in the middle of
trying to paint the living room this summer. It took a month to do! I chose
autumn colors that were bold, so they took quite a few coats of paint.
It looks great now though.
The reason the painting took a long time was because my wife was VERY eager
to start painting.  However, we had no time to start because of our schedule.
She was pregnant and I was working and fathering, so the painting needed a couple
open weekends for me to do the work (which turned out to be hard to come by!!)


When he first started to walk
independently it was always while pushing
something around like this toy box.


  Yum! Spaghetti O's

  I'm sure mama told you not to play with
the DDR cords...

He kept trying to wrap the cord around
his head...  That's disturbing!

  Bishop Bear going for a ride


  I looked out the window and saw a house
being moved down the road.

  They unscrewed our mailbox to make room.

  There were two guys up on the roof to
make sure that the power cords were
lifted over the house.

  That's just crazy!


  Playing in the sprinkler

We had fun.  But he sure got heavy!


These sprinklers were not made for play
so they could be fierce if you were up
close for too long.




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