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Food Face and Pool Fun

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
This is a compilation of different pictures from June. I was trying out some different foods with
our son for breakfast. He enjoyed eating toast with butter...although he tried to eat the middle section
and not the bread crust. My husband has some cousins and an aunt visit, so we had everyone over to the
house for dinner.

  Lego Train!

  Bread and butter...yum!


Butter face!

  Just eating the butter, mama!


  What a face!

  This is "Bishop Bear."  We play with him
kinda like the old "Gumby" episodes.  Life
is hard for old Bishop Bear!

  I was cleaning up the kitchen after lunch
one day and he had disappeared. I found him
in his room reading books. That's my boy!!!



  His first Lego creation

  Aren't I cute?
I'm all ready for lunch!

  Aunt and her grandniece

  Cousin and sister-in-law



  Grandpa, brother, and aunt

  Picture of a cousin. He's a body builder.
Can you tell?

  Cousin with her husband

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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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