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Our Baby's Ninth and Tenth Months

She says: Babies during the ninth and tenth months really begin to explore and interact
with the world around them. Our baby is very textbook and we have had A LOT of
fun over the past few weeks. He has gotten to experience many "firsts!"
He says: My words are in bold.

This picture shows four generations on my side
of the family.

This was our baby's first time to meet his


These happy moments were captured with
the wrong white balance setting.  Sorry!



His first ride in the wagon he got for



  He really enjoys his wagon rides. This was his
first opportunity to learn what "sit on your
bottom" means!

This is his little play area in his bedroom.
We like to point at the animals and make
their sounds. The baby makes a pretty
good monkey sound. He really likes to
imitate dogs.


  Laughing at daddy.

His first piece of toast
(There are teeth in there!)

  Reading on his own. This is his favorite book.
It has flaps in it with English and Spanish
vocabulary words.

Our first snow at our house.  I doubt these
pictures belong in this section, but we
don't frequently take non-baby pictures...

You see, we've turned into some of
"those parents"




  Getting ready to take a wagon ride
to see snow for the first time.

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