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Lego Friend and Fun

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
Again, just a bunch of pictures from October and November that show
you the types of things we do.  They probably aren't all that exciting to you,
but look at them anyway.

  He LOVES talking on the phone. He will pace
the length of the house and speak as if he's
on a conference call.

  His first FSU football game.

  Look how enthralled he is! Way to go!

  Daddy is teaching his boy how exciting it is to
pick up rocks!
Our yard has a LOT of rocks.

I just bought a new riding mower
(before the second baby arrives)
and now I am more concerned
about getting rid of the rocks!

  Oh what fun!

At this age, he is totally into putting things
into containers.


  Art time!


  Another Lego creation

I made our son a Lego friend.  He did not
survive very long.

  This creation was almost as tall as our son.


  Friends from church while on a marriage

We were at a "Festivals of Marriage"
conference.  If you ever get a chance to go
to one of these, do it.  It was very good.
For whatever reason, I only have a few
pictures from the dorms.  :^)
These are our friends.

  Wearing daddy's headphones


  He was a cow for Halloween.

  Playing in his first pile of leaves.
This picture was taken with the video
camera.  That's why the lighting is as it is
and the aspect ratio is so wide.

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