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Our Baby's Twelfth Month

She says: Can you believe it has been 12 months...1 year?? I can't. It's amazing
how life changes after having a baby. Good changes. I guess I really can't
call him a baby anymore. He's beginning to toddle. One of my professors said of
this stage of life, "Kids drunk with motion." That is so true. Our boy is beginning
to pick up vocabulary words every day. He's not saying them, but he sure understands them.
He says: He surprises me every now and then when I ask him "Where's the _____" and
he points right at it.  Sometimes, we do not know where he learned the word.

  This is my favorite recent picture of my boys.
Aren't they handsome?

 Pointing out daddy's nose. 

  He LOVES bath time.




We pulled out these blocks while the bigger
kids came over one day.  Our boy would
pull out one block and then jabber loudly at
it.  It was as if he was preaching to the
individual blocks.

  Attempting to eat with a spoon.

  What fun!

  This is his door in the kitchen. He knows
that he can play with the kitchen items in
here. All I have to do when he is beginning to
get into the other cabinets is to tell him to go to
his door and he does it.

  Sometimes a little too literally.

  Our play group went
strawberry picking. It was the first day
of the season, so there weren't very many to pick.

  Our friends

  Our friends

  He would pick the strawberries: the green ones
and the red ones.


  He would eat the strawberries...the green ones,
the red ones, and the leaves.



  All tuckered out

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