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Playing With Boxes and Killing Kudzu

Along with playing with Legos, in August, we took a bunch of old diaper boxes and taped them
shut for our boy to play with.  Then later, while clearing out some of the briars in the woods
behind our house, we found Kudzu.  If you do not know what kudzu is, just know that you do not
want it.  It is a very hearty and aggressive plant.  It grows fast and is not easy to eradicate.

I made another lego friend for him.

He is holding hands.

Lego friends need diapers too!




She is plumping up like a cute little Michelin





Mr. Potato Boy


I have big eyes.



His motor bike is straddling a Huggies box

Every diaper brand will leak.  Huggies were
by far the best we have tried.

He started to set up a podium and at one
point he said he was preaching.  However,
he has not yet sat in church to hear preaching.
We're not quite sure where he would have
gotten the idea.


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