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December is almost over and it is time to get ready for and celebrate Christmas!!!

We made a Lego nativity.

We made sugar cookies.

We made a mess and had fun doing it.

He kept stealing bites of cookie dough.

I like being left out and having to sit on the floor
while they make cookies!

At our family pre-Christmas party, my little
boy took some pictures.



The kids are in bed, and the living room is
ready for Christmas morning.  Now, we're going
to go to bed!

Sorry this is blurry.  The kids are taking a nap
and this is what the room looks like now that
they have played with their toys.

He got a guitar and he loves it!





She got a little kitchen with a doorway.  She
kept playing peek-a-boo through the doorway.


On the left you can see his new tool bench.


He played the guitar and we sang Christmas
carols.  Who knew Jingle Bells could make me
look like I am in pain.

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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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