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Our Annual Christmas Party

At the beginning of December, we held our third annual Christmas party.  These pictures
represent the first part of December, so please do not think that playing with memory foam
was part of our festivities!!!  Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of it in this set, but
I finished installing my Disco Ball in the garage!

We recently bought a mattress and we felt like it
was too hard.  We went and bought a memory
foam pad for it.  Here I am being a nerd.

Wow, it really works!  My assessment of
memory foam: It is comfortable, it takes the
bounce out of the bed (do not throw kids onto
it!), and it makes the bed feel colder.  Since it
is comfortable and the cold encourages
snuggling, I generally approve!

We built a Lego Christmas tree!


He made his own bed!!!  He is growing up!

Our 2009 Christmas Tree.

We had the meal in the garage again this year.
We did a much better job of heating it up
before hand.

I think I will try to install a new circuit for
heating the garage before next year.


We paid a friend to make this pretty winter
centerpiece for the party.

We even had a tree in the garage.  This tree is
artificial.  It is a $15 Craigslist find!

It was a game night.  Here is a little bit of the
Dance Dance Revolution action!



Our friend on the left did not take the game very

Dance!  Dance!!

Yet, she accused my wife of being the reason
they failed.


They failed.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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