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Church Without Walls Party

Our church just completed a two month experiment with "home-based small groups" that we
call "Church Without Walls."  For our last get-together, we had a party.  Everyone enjoyed being
in the various small groups.  We all hope that they start this program back up soon.  The only
drawback for our group was childcare.  We suffered the same problem that very small churches
suffer.  All of our kids were together but they were different ages.  We could not provide age
appropriate childcare for the whole group and it did not offer any Biblical training to the ones
old enough to receive it.  We tried to think of how to fix this problem, but we did not solve it.

Some of the adults found our son's "Gears" toy.
It was a hit.  That game is cool.  It is just a
platform and gears and extensions.  You simply
build something and then turn one gear to move
them all.  It is a really cool toy.

Being in a small group like this gives you time to
get to know your fellow church members in
a way that Sunday Worship, or Sunday School
does not provide.  We all grew much closer

CWW occurred on Sunday evenings.
We kept attendance and reported it back to the
church office and they found that we had the
best attendance on record for Sunday Evenings
during CWW.

The preacher also said that during the summer
while we did CWW, our church's Sunday
School attendance did not fall away.

These guys are in the garage waiting for the
homemade ice cream to finish!

Our small group ended up having 16 adults
and 17 children.







Hey look, a stuffed lion.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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