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Snow and Smiles

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
Our girl is growing! She's beginning to smile. When she does smile, it lights up her
entire face. I attempted to capture the smile on camera.




  This is our new peach tree.

  Since this picture was taken, we have
planted three others. Our orchard
has begun!

  Playing in the dirt was the best.

He played in the pile and helped by throwing
clods of dirt back in the hole.  One time, he
fell into the hole head first.  It scared mom
and dad pretty bad.  I pulled him out of the
hole and he had dirt clods in his mouth.

Peach trees are tough!
They can (apparently) survive a lot of

  If you look carefully, you can see the nice
red ring around his mouth. That red clay
must be tasty.


  Our baby's.............

  .........poop explosion!!!



These pictures are blue because
the camera's white balance is set for
light bulbs and the camera has removed
a lot of orange from the sunlight.

Sorry about the blue.  Our snow is actually
white.  Maybe we will get a better
camera that does not need us to make
manual setting changes.





  This was our boy's first real snow experience!

  It was great fun! Only the camera batteries
went dead before I could get many outside
pictures. Oh well.

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