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Snow and a First Birthday Party

In the middle of December, we had some snow and celebrated a first birthday party.

Every morning, we update a calendar in our
boy's room.  He is learning the days of the week,
yesterday, today, and tomorrow, and he is
learning how to count.

But today is special because today the weather

Looking out the window was special while we


She is growing up!  She started out excited, but
by the end, it was different.

He insisted on getting to pull her in the wagon.
He is becoming a big helper!


This was just enough snow to be pretty.

After it snowed, it sleeted and froze into a
icy mix that was not good for making snowmen.






That night, I tried to build a "Rube Goldberg
".  A complicated machine to perform
a trivial task.

My machine was supposed to turn off the light.

A car was supposed to go down the
rollercoaster (in the back) and pull a string.  The
string was attached to a piece of wood that kept
a car from rolling off of the Lego box.  The car
pulled a string that would yank a dinosaur
out from under a round piece of wood.
The round piece of wood would dislodge a
large ball.  The ball would knock down a tower
of blocks.  The tower of blocks were supporting
a heavy toy attached to the pull chain on the
ceiling fan light.  When the heavy toy fell, it
should tug the pull chain and turn off the light.

It did not work.
I think that the final toy fell too slowly because
it rode the blocks down as they fell.  It did not
pull the chain hard enough to turn off the light.

The next morning, we played in the ice/snow.

I showed him how to eat snow.  He ate it the
whole time.  Oops.

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