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Guitar, Outfits, and Bible School

In the month of June, we had Bible School at church.  Our boy received a hat that became
part of an outfit that he wore while playing his guitar that we made out of Lego Duplo blocks.
Also, we bathed the kids once... or twice.

Our little boy has never liked his sister very
much.  But, little by little, he has started to show
some kindness to her.



He always wants to shave and do things like




This year, our church's Bible School theme was
"The Outback Express".

The suggestion is, I assume, that we will learn
about the Bible while pretending we are on
an antique train traveling through the desert
wastelands of Australia.






On Wednesday night, they presented
the Gospel to the children.  Several prayed
to invite Jesus into their hearts.

Our church is very good about remembering
to keep the Gospel at the center of everything
they do.  We are blessed to have such a good


A bird built her (nasty) nest on our porch.  She
had a few baby birds that grew up and flew


The Lego Guitar!
He loved this thing.

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