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Holding Hands

The only big event during July was that our kids held hands.  Our little boy decided that his
little sister was not so bad that he could not hold hands with her.

A Lego/Duplo Eiffel Tower


Our little boy has started taking pictures!

He can take pictures, but he cannot aim!



We have a lovely dandelion farm that we run
on the side.  Our little boy picked some flowers
while we were out taking a walk and he gave
them to his mother.


One day, our boy asked to sit in the rocking
chair with his sister.  He sat there and held her
hand.  This was the first time he ever wanted
to be close to her.




Here, he is giving Cheetos the mouse a bath.
He followed all of the steps that we take
when he gets his baths.


Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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