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Kids and Baby Shower

Her words: Normal    His words: Bold
Getting used to having two kids in the house sure takes a while. And not getting much
sleep doesn't help. Poor little thing has colic something fierce from 11:00PM until about 3:00AM.
Having two kids is tough.  They both have to split what attention we have available.
My son went from getting almost all of our free attention to getting less than half.
I, for some reason, did not anticipate that.

  Father and daughter


  Mother and daughter


  So sweet!

Daddy and son time
The little girl is keeping us up for several
hours at night.  So, daddy likes to
play "I'm asleep."


  Tickle! Tickle!


  She'll sleep anywhere!
Except in her bed!

For some reason, I think this picture looks

  Eating breakfast. Yum!


  Bath time

  All snuggly

  Hey Daddy!


Oops, I forgot to rotate this one.  Oh, well...
He likes to use his training potty as a
step stool.  We stopped using it for
a toilet and we just have him use the
big boy potty with a step stool.

  Big brother isn't too sure about
Little sister





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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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