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Myrtle Beach Vacation

In September, we went to Myrtle Beach, SC and stayed at the Ocean Lakes campground.  We
rented a house for a few days.  It was just after the peak season.  It was amazing how affordable
it turned out to be!  We cooked at home most meals.  We did kid friendly stuff.  I look forward
to going back and doing it all again.

This was our first trip to the beach.  Our kids
have never seen the ocean.

Our house came with a golf cart.  


We had our digital camera and our video
camera ready to capture his wonder and
amazement.  He didn't overflow with rapture
at seeing the ocean.  So, we were
disappointed, but only a little.






Oceanic Jazz Hands.


We went back to the beach the next morning
and actually played in the water a lot.  It was
great getting to be there for his first dip.

The waves were so big that he could not
venture out into water any deeper than his
ankles.  In water so shallow, the waves would
reach his armpits.

Little sister just sat on the beach and played
with the sand toys... not the sand.

We thought it would be fun to put her into the
half inch deep water.   However, when we
would try to put her down and she would draw
up her legs and scream.


I sat and he stood out in the water and let
the waves crash into us.  It would spin me
around and it would knock him over.  That was
all we ever did in the ocean, and it was enough.


The sun and my chest have not been well
acquainted in the last decade or so.  Look
closely and you will see that I have very short
sand legs.


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