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Playing in a Pile of Leaves

At the beginning of November, a lot of leaves had fallen and it was time for a pile!  We took
a couple rakes out and tried to make a fun pile at the end of the sliding board.

He takes such pride in being helpful.

It really warms our hearts when he wants
so much to be good.


She just sat and swung while we prepared.


It is ready!

He rode down the slide into the pile.




Her turn to slide into the leaves.


He still has issues with playing near her.  That
made it hard to get a cute picture.

She, on the other hand, loves her brother!
She likes to play with him.

Then we got an idea.  Let's see if we can get
a better family picture for our Christmas card.

I ran back and forth between the camera so
many times...  It can wear a person out!



We never got a picture from this set that
was good enough.

The aloe's blooms are starting to burst

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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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