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Thanksgiving in Florida

For Thanksgiving break, we drove down to Florida to see some Grandparents and cousins, etc.
It was great to go for a visit!

Our little boy LOVES his violin/guitar.  So we
asked Grandpa if he would pull out his violin
to demonstrate how one is played and how it

Grandpa gave us a little concert.

Then our little boy went over to see it first hand.

He even got to touch it!


When the cousins came over, the little girls
played on the floor together... or at least
near each other...


We worked on putting up a new basketball
goal for the kids to play on.

He loves to help!



There are a lot of young cousins to play with!

Grandma decorated up a small tree as her
Christmas tree.

We exchanged Christmas gifts while we
were there.  He is playing with part of a double


Then she started to eat the decorations.

We went outside and ran around the back
yard.  I saved these pictures because they have
some great profile shots.




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Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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