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My BEAUTIFUL wife. This picture looks much better in person!
This is my favorite picture.  This flower girl is someone I have never met.  I just saw her and snapped some pictures of her during the reception after my friends were married. 
Here is the Traveler's Rest Inn.  This place is located in Georgia.  If you take Hwy 123 from South Carolina, you will see signs for it only a few miles after you cross the border into Georgia.  Following the signs, you might travel 2 or 3 miles off of 123 before you find it.  This was an old stage coach stop.  You could rent half of a bed for the night for a quarter.  There were lot's of beautiful antiques including furniture and kitchen items.  Many of the antiques were actually used by the house's inhabitants for many years.  You can tour the inn for two dollars, and if you are lucky, you will get to meet Stonewall the cat (not pictured). These two boys were also at the wedding reception as the flower girl.  I took three pictures of these guys.  I tried to get a 'candid' shot of them being natural.  They knew I was out there and as soon as I would try to ready my camera they would start posing.  They would pretend to play while making sure they faced the camera and tried, unsuccessfully, to look natural.  So, I just told them to hug and I took this one.
A scene from the Traveler's Rest Inn. Fork and plates.  Another scene from the Traveler's Rest Inn.
This angel was on our Christmas Tree. I call this picture Dad.  Unless you are in my family, you won't see him in the picture.
During the ice storm in the winter of 2000.
This is some of my wife's decorating at our previous house.  This was just up over the sink on a corner shelf in the kitchen. This spider web is one of many great ones that have been spun at our present apartment.
This is a driveway near where we used to live in Greenville, SC.  It is lined by Bartlett Pear trees.  One morning, in the spring, I looked out my window to find it snowing flower petals.  I went out to see and there were tracks in the petals made by my neighbor going to work. While driving home from Savannah, Georgia, my wife and I took Highway 3.  It was a two lane road that went on these LONG stretches with out turning or sloping.  On either side of this raised road was swampland and Cyprus Trees.  Suddenly, out of nowhere did this beautiful plantation driveway appear.  This is one of three that we found.  If you look carefully, you will see the antenna from our car in the picture.  I am behind the car with my knees on the trunk taking this picture.

Klopex is a fun part of this nutritious breakfast!

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