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July 4th on the National Mall

For the Fourth of July, we decided to go to Washington, DC to see the national
celebration of Independence Day.  There are a lot of non-fireworks pictures to get through before
the fireworks pictures.  I took pictures with my digital camera (seen on this page) and with my 
film camera (seen here.) 

We rode the Metro to DC after lunch.  There was good weather, and a lot of people.  It was
a bit hot and sunny.  We wanted to see this before we had kids and couldn't go sit on the Mall
for hours.  We sat in the shade until about 4:30.  We could have waited longer.  Probably,
We might have been able to stake our (very good) place on the mall by 6:00.

There were tons of vendors on the streets
leading up to the Mall.
This guy was selling water for a dollar.


There were plenty of police present.

One of the first things we found on the Mall
was an Indian Festival.  (India Indian)

More of the Indian/Hindu thing.  I was
wondering how this applies to the signing
of the Declaration of Independence.

Closer to the Capitol Building was a few
Christian kiosks.  There were not nearly as
many of these as there were at the Hindu event.

Here is a concert going on at the Christian
Freedom Festival. 

The Christians were offering prayer.

The Christians were giving out free water.

This tent was a group of Christians playing
Hymns.  They appeared to be Assembly
of God.

We walked down to the Capitol Building and
saw the tent where the concert was to occur. 
You can sit on the steps and watch the concerts.
We decided to sit on the Mall and watch
the fireworks. 

It was very comfortable in the shade, but the
sun beat down pretty heavy out of the shade.

There was also a Folk Festival going on. 
It had a lot of art of various groups, and some
foods of different groups.  I don't know what
this stuff had to do with the Nation's birthday.

I assume that this woman is Muslim.  Here
she is weaving a basket. 

This ship was hand made.

These guys were from a tent where I think
they were demonstrating Turkish dance.

This is Keith Bear.  He is a "Native American"
or "An Indian" as he prefers.  He played
his flute and told stories.

I haven't heard anyone talk like him since my
youth when old men would talk.  Men born in
the late 1800's and early 1900's.  People who
did not get busy as we do these days.  If
you get a chance to hear him, go for it.

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